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Christian Fredrik Segerberg

(Tog sig namnet Frederick Carl Smith i samband med utflyttningen till Amerika)

f. 7/11 1837 på Storugns grund i Lärbro på Gotland d. 18/4 1914 i Village of Otsego Lake Michigan USA.


Son till sjömannen Petter Magnus Segerberg f. 16/4 1797 i Stockholm, d. 29/12 1863 i Stora Källstäde grund, Lärbro Gift med Maria Christina f. 7/5 1805 i Lärbro, d. 12/5 1863 i Stora Källstäde grund, Lärbro (lazarettet i Wisby) av Wattusot.

Om fadern står i församlingsboken: ”Betyg till Stockholm 1837 30/4. Återkommen d. 14/11 1843.”  ”Betyg till Stockholm 22/7 1844.” Om modern står: ”Haft ett oäkta barn under mannens bortavaro.” Det barnet var: Mårten Niklas f. 7/10 1841 i Lärbro.

Christian Fredriks syskon:

Petter Johan f. 24/9 1826 i Lärbro

Anders Wilhelm f. 17/10 1829 i Lärbro

Christina Wilhelmina f. 10/3 1832 i Lärbro

Carl Hendrick f. 25/11 1834 i Lärbro

Jacob Alfred f. 13/12 1844 i Lärbro


Gift 7/12 1867 med Louisa Matilda Bemis f. 8/2 1851 i Milwaukee Wisconsin USA d. 20/11 1905 i Otsego Lake Michigan USA.


Frederick f. 7/6 1870 i Milwaukee Milwaukee County Wisconsin USA d. 7/6 1870 Milwaukee Milwaukee County Wisconsin USA.

Leonard f. 24/7 1872 i Milwaukee Milwaukee County Wisconsin USA d. 19/3 1883 Otsego Lake Otsego Michigan USA

"Lottie" Myrtle f. 30/12 1875 i Otsego Lake Otsego County Michigan USA d. 30/1 1869 i Pontiac Oakland County Michigan USA

Inez Louisa f. 1/8 1879 i Otsego Lake Village Otsego County Michigan USA d. 1/10 1949 i Manistique Schoolcraft County Michigan USA

Caroline "Carrie" f. 27/4 1883 i Otsego Lake Village Otsego County Michigan USA d. 16/8 1960 i Traverse City Grand Traverse County Michigan USA

Mary Elizabeth f. 3/2 1886 i Otsego Lake Village Otsego County Michigan USA d. 14/5 1965 i Bountiful Davis County Utah USA

Louis Frederick f. 24/7 1888 i Otsego Lake Village Otsego County Michigan USA d. 20/2 1973 i St. Ignace Mackinac County Michigan USA


Fredrik emigrerade 1852 till USA genom att ta värvning på örlogsfartyget USS North Carolina som sjöman och med namnet Frederick Smith. Han arbetade i flera år som sjöman och seglade bland annat runt "Hornet" ett flertal gånger.

Deltog i Amerikanska inbördeskriget. Inskrevs i rullorna juni 1862 och tjänstgjorde genom hela kriget, utskrevs i juni 1865. Han tjänstgjorde i den amerikanska örlogsflottan under amiral David Farragut. Deltog i det blodiga slaget vid Mobile den 5 augusti 1864.


Fredrik och Louisa Matilda

Gravsten på Otsego Lake Township Cemetery

Gaylord Otsego County Michigan, USA


Fred arrived in New York harbor in 1862, as a sailor aboard a trading ship. He enrolled in the Union Navy on May 6, 1862, for three years. His assignment was with the West Gulf Blockading Squadron under the command of David Farragut, captain of the flagship, U.S.S. Hartford. Fred's first assignment was to the U.S. Mississippi. When the Pension Board later asked where he had resided previous to joining the Navy he replied that he was a salt-water sailor and had no home or regular post office.
He was discharged from the Navy at New Orleans on May 10, 1865, as a Boatswain's Mate. He settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and sailed on the Great Lakes, becoming the captain of the schooner St. Lawrence in 1869-1870.
He married Louisa Mathilda Bemis December 7, 1867 in Milwaukee. He had become a naturalized citizen of the U.S. on September 20, 1867.
He appears to have first arrived in Otsego County, Michigan, in 1872; with Louisa arriving in 1873. They lived in a cabin on the west side of the "beaver dam" while waiting for their house to be built. The lot was purchased in early 1875.
Fred first worked for Smith Kelly and Dwight, and also did some scaling and hauling of logs for E.A. Fuller but soon went on his own. He operated his own camps and did timber cruising for other operators and landowners. He was a walking boss for the AuSable Lumber Company of Oscoda. After the pine disappeared, he bought and sold real estate.
The first three children of Fred and Louisa are buried at Forest Home Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Charles was born October 10, 1868 and died September 5, 1869, of cholera infantum; William was born August 3, 1869 and died 6 days later of convulsions; Frederick, was stillborn on June 7, 1870. Leonard was born in 1872 and came to Otsego Lake with his parents. Myrtle, Mertie, Inez, Carrie, Bess and Louis were born at Otsego Lake. All but Leonard and Mertie grew to adulthood. Buried in Otsego Lake Cemetery are Leonard, Myrtle, Carrie, Bess and Louis. I was once told there was a baby buried in the NE corner of the lot. That would probably be Mertie, born April 10, 1878, death record not found. Inez is buried at Manistique, Michigan beside her husband, Charles Passenheim.
Fred was initiated on Aug 25, 1885 as a member of Masonic Lodge No. 366 F&AM in Gaylord. There is a picture of him with a group of GAR members at Bagley Cemetery in Gaylord.
We have records of his brother, Jacob Alfred Segerberg, and nephew, Charles Segerberg, of Gotland, Sweden, visiting Fred in 1885-1886.
Fred died April 18, 1914 in Soderberg's store at Otsego Lake of a stroke. His funeral was held in the family home with Rev. A.A. Allington officiating. The Masonic Lodge conducted the burial ceremony at Otsego lake Cemetery. His obituary appeared in the Otsego County Herald & Times on Friday, April 24, 1914, front page: Another Pioneer Gone to His Rest.


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